BlueSky Resources recognizes and incorporates various air quality metrics
in the data collection and machine learning analytics for customers.

AirLogic® leverages the ability of satellites to remotely sense air pollution and monitor emissions. Incorporating data from satellite observations aids in more accurate, timely, and comprehensive air-quality data as the spatial information of pollutant levels and distributions span over large areas, provide global coverage and captures information over remote areas where ground sensors are not available.

AirLogic® utilizes ground sensor data as part of the composition of information gathered in air quality monitoring. AirLogic® can enhance the placement of ground sensors to improve air quality and emissions monitoring, oftentimes saving customers capital investments.

Air quality data from mobile sensors are also a component in the AirLogic® repository. Such data are valuable by documenting pollutants through high spatial resolution maps.

Effluent gas streams resulting from combustion in industrial processes is also captured in AirLogic®. The Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems tool measurements of flue gas furnish beneficial information for site level emissions.