BlueSky Resources helps make sense of sensors. From satellite data, public networks, and local sensor measurements, we make it easy to understand sites anywhere in the world.


Never Get Lost in Data Again

The market is flooded with new technology and approaches for collecting air quality data. Get the most out of these methods by viewing them all in one place. AirLogic allows you to monitor and understand data from many sources while integrating it into existing workflows.


Save Time and Money

With the many emerging technologies for measuring emissions (satellites, drones, aircraft, SEMs), it’s hard to know which method is best. We find relationships between different sensor measurements to help pick the best setup for your unique situation.


Make Better Decisions Faster

Choosing where to look first can be daunting. We analyze your site data to identify potential over and under-reporting sites. Focusing on these key sites provides a foundation for understanding the rest.

The Data Solution You’ve Been Looking For

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