BlueSky Resources Makes Sense Out of Sensors


Never Get Lost in Data Again

The market is flooded with new technology and approaches for collecting air quality data. Get the most out of these methods by viewing them all in one place. AirLogic allows you to monitor and understand data from many sources while integrating it into existing workflows.

  • All of your data in one place
  • Monitor every site at a glance
  • Directly compare different data types (e.g. ground sensor,
    satellite, drone, etc.)
  • Easily integrate into existing workflows

Save Time and Money

With the many emerging technologies for measuring emissions (satellites, drones, aircraft, SEMs), it’s hard to know which method is best. We find relationships between different sensor measurements to help pick the best setup for your unique situation.

  • Assemble the best combination of sensors for each unique site
  • Maintain compatibility of new and old sensors
  • Utilize free satellites and public networks
  • Reduce need to deploy employees and consultants


Make Better Decisions Faster

Choosing where to look first can be daunting. We analyze your site data to identify potential over and under-reporting sites. Focusing on these key sites provides a foundation for understanding the rest.

  • Identify and address the most important sites first
  • Avoid surprises by detecting under-reporting sites ahead of time
  • Pilot decisions in key sites, then expand at scale


AirSource is a powerful combination of data resources for any organization concerned with environmental science related to air and water. This unique subscription product makes key datasets easily accessible for integration into reporting and analysis workflows.


BlueSky Resource’s proprietary data portal and app AirLogic™ delivers a comprehensive view of sensor and measurement data at specific sites. Data from any sensor can be managed securely along with global citizen science ground sensor networks, regional sensor networks, and the latest satellite constellations. The Rosetta™ dashboard allows you to easily integrate and visualize measurements from multiple sensors in one place. This powerful combination of data allows for the optimization of sensor programs and shows a side-by-side comparison of sensors over time.

Clients can customize the information that is most critical and relevant to
them and set-up custom alerts to allow for quicker response time to anomalous conditions. Map-based and graphical data visualization solutions include roll-up reporting tailored to each organization on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly timescales.

Continuous Support

Customer Service and ongoing account management are integral to the total product delivery of BlueSky Resources. Customer success allows for long-term subscription and delivery partnerships. Any customer of BlueSky becomes part of our community. Our customer service and support team work side-by-side with our users to create a solution that delivers the greatest value.

Our focus is on usability and utility of a total solution for our customers. Our support team ensures customer success through a combination of direct communication programs. These include training in live and recorded sessions, email, web meetings, webinars, and customized materials.

We have partners who specialize in imagery, remote sensing, machine learning and regulatory analysis to provide a single contact for all analytics and decision-making needs.